Interactive Guide

Welcome to the Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace interactive guide. This is the online home to a resource for the enhancement of your engagement with Noel Moules’s spiritual manifesto for living from a Jesus perspective. Rather than simply create another dry book-based guide to accompany your reading, the concept behind this site is to build a creative resource to aid communal reflection on the key issues and themes explored in Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace.

Each of the book’s 14 chapters contains its own dynamic hub. Click on any of the boxes below to access a video snapshot of Noel Moules reflecting on a theme of the chapter, along with a rich resource overflowing with further reading, questions for reflection, group activities and suggested meditations. At the heart of each hub lies an original peacemeal suggestion. To ensure that your interaction with Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace explodes off the page and into lived reality, why not choose a chapter for discussion with a group; friends, neighbours, colleagues or any other companions on the way? You can then enjoy sharing the peacemeal together as you wrestle with the provocative thoughts, questions and mysteries explored in the interactive guide.

This is not intended to be a dormant resource, but a living, breathing and growing collection of experiences and reflections. To that end, please share any experiences, fruitful meditations or exciting activities that have been borne from your interaction with Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace in the comments section. That way, the site can continue to grow as we all continue this journey into the unknown.